Monomachine - Flor de Loto

Flor de Loto is truthly the best album i listened this last few weeks and i've listened some good ones as you may notice. Monomachine are Francisco Allendes and Inigo Oruezaba, two guys from Zaragoza i think. It reminds me artists like Alex Under or Bruno Pronsato, betting more on the minimal tech side, full of groovy beats and hypnotic acid reverbs. "Flor de Loto (Inxec rmx) is absolutely great, a minimal trippy perfection... "Long day" is a nice deep track. Released by Immigrant Industries. You can listen all the four tracks in the label's website

1 - Flor De Loto (Original Mix)
2 - Flor De Loto (Inxec Mix)
3 - Traveller
4 - A Long Day

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