Format B - Cosa Nostra Funk

Format B are Franziskus Sell & Jakob Hildenbrand, Berlim based, this release marks their remarcable and uprising level of production. All the three tracks are above the usual standards. "Sex Drive" shows their electro side while "Knarzer Roller" goes through deep minimal patterns, this might me the best track of the ep, or at least the one that pleases me the most. But the track that first captured my attention was "Cosa Nostra Funk" - the first time i listened this great pumpy track was in a friend's set and i got madly in love with it. Don't miss this one released on Opossum records :)

a1 - Sex Drive
b1 - Cosa Nostra Funk
b2 - Knarzer Roller

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Anonymous said...

This Traks are old in switzerland we have beter DJs and cosa nostra fank

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