Pan Pot - Black Lodge

"The Black Lodge is known as the extradimensional mystery place in David Lynch´s "Twin Peaks". We don´t want to know Pan-Pot´s exact relationship to Laura Palmer - but the new mobilee release contains two extradimensional tracks that contain countless rooms with endless sound creations.It´s the third Pan-Pot Release on mobilee and it seems that the boys are on the mission to create their very own shelf in the minimal techno circus. A1 - Black Dog is produced by Marco Resmann, Tassilo Ippenberger and Thomas Benedix. The Dog is digging a deep hole in the dirt. He is sure he hide the big bone at this place. He is digging and digging::: and finally he found what he was looking for. Just imagine the smile on the dog face. "It seems you look like a dog." B1 - Black Widow is produced by Pan-Pot´s Tassilo & Thomas. Black Widow is a very playful track with a lot of changes in different directions. The Widow is spinning it´s small net bouncing from one end to the other. The atmospheric final is the most beautiful sound landscape we have heard in the last time. For those who know - only a very famous musician from Detroit could have done it better". ... in soulseduction.com

Perfect soulseduction review to the Ep of the year - till now - my humble opinion...

a1 - Black Dog
b1 - Black Window

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