SLG - Caffeine

With the second 12" release on Trapez, following his brilliant debut Ep, Nine Hours released August 2006, the top polish producer SLG aka Lukasz Seliga, takes it one step further proving his skill of producing finest post detroit minimal techno music.
Lukasz Seliga has been experimenting and producing music for over ten years, but only recently decided to release it. He claims to be "a perfectionist who laboriously works on details before any release".
When I've heard it, I really thinked "look, Alex Under strikes back" (Saludos Alex Under!). Only when I saw the name I realized it. It's not, of course, Alex Under but haves a mark and it's without any doubt a producer to remember. His focus on details are really deep sh*t with a constructive way that fuses polyrhythmic versatility, quick changes and power in the arranjement leads you into some kind of "music blow"! Comfortable and warm basslines are tottally in tune with all other elements and clicks in the music, and we can't expect anything else from a producer that doesn´t release till "the job's done"! Rushour is more subdued and minimal, but doesn't "escape" from a quality seal! Caffeine is, without a doubt, a great release. It's really minimal techno delivered like a bomb into a dancefloor! It's still hot in the mnmland :P

Label: Trapez
Catalogue: [Trapez 070]
Release date: 11th December 2006

A1 - Caffeine
B1 - Rushhour

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