Shonky - Closer to pluton

"Closer to Pluton" is the latest release in the red series of Resopal. This label has been providing us some of the freshness deep minimal that has been in the scene. Shonky is the latest promisse grabbed by them and this young french producer sure has a lot of talent. "Zeds Dead" will be in the dancefloors around the world, a crazy track, freaky minimal, already used by djs like Magda or Mandy. "Closer to Pluton", the a1 track (my favourite) shows a different side, more hypnotic, disturbed and underground. The other two tracks are quite good, more deeper, less shaky but surelly very well produced. The 8th Resopal Red Series release... another great one.

a1 - Closer to Pluton
a2 - Fear the Cocos
b1 - Zeds Dead
b2 - Born on Snake Island

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