Mauro Alpha - Pallette

With so many things going on this week, a lots of electro coming in, nice new things like Orange Bud, Super Flu, Phonique, Monolake or Swat Squad - all of them released new massive eps - i always fall in the same kind of tastes... a new Boxer album is like a fresh air breathing in through my window. My kind of taste always leads to the same way... I was hearing this new ep, i didn't knew it's name but i said... "this one is my favourite". And, well, a new Ep from Boxer Recordings,the 39th, this time from Mauro Alpha having remixes of luca morris & Paul C and in the B side ndkj does all the remixing work. Pallete is a minimal tune, very shaky perfect for the dancefloors and if the original one is good, what to say of Luca Morris & Paul C remix... it's hard to describe, the recycled minimalism that brings me joy always tuning in to the same direction showing us the best that can be done in this kind of work, perfect construction, feeling and know how! Ndkj presents us a more progressive tune, full of bass and not so disturbing or tripy as the luca morris mix, a nice music ending a huge Ep

Listen To:
a1 Mauro Alpha - Pallette
a2 Mauro Alpha - Pallette (Luca Morris & Paul C remix)
b1 Mauro Alpha - Pallette (Ndkj remix)

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Anonymous said...

Ciao All,
it's Mauro Alpha from Italy.
Hugo!I'm very happy to see a post about my newest record and I'm very glad to know that you like it!

C u soon,



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