Summer Shakers

What's been happening in this side of the land

Matt John - Hologramm
Duoteque - Amarcord
Oxia - Domino
Dan Berkson & James What - Zig Zag
Luciano & Melchior - Father
Sten - Take me To the Fridge
Tekel & Tim Paris - Marketel
Tolga Fidan - Desole
Troy Pierce - 25 Bitches (Original mix)
Alex Under - El Danubio Universal

>With so many things going on in the minimal world it's impossible to write a credible review about all this musics so i'll just tell u what's doing for me right now! Hologramm by Matt John it's one of the best minimalist tracks i've heard in a long time! Oxia - Domino is for me the track of the year so far, makes me wanna fly away... new talent uprising! Don't miss this one... PLEASE! Duoteque - Amarcord i listen this one in a set from André Galluzi, an hypnotic dark minimal track where the subtle feminin voice makes you cry for more! Zig Zag was too cought from a set... and when i heard the ep i notice that this guys weren't messing around! Tekel, Luciano And Alex Under just signing their presence always in great style. A word to Tolgan Fidan, new upcoming producer with some credits already firmed in the land. And finnaly Troy Pierce - 25 bitches, a very cool track, i chosed the original but all the 6 (!) remixes (by Berg Nixon,Matt John, Heartthrob,John Gaiser and Marc Houle - m_nus 38 and m_nus 39) are quite good!


Gustavo said...

Yo brother... ur leeching good :P

Old stuff btw ;) Marc Houle remix of 25 bitches is the better one imho!

When do u honor me @ minimaland ? :P lolol ****

Anonymous said...

Hi !

The Oxia's EP is very similar to the Patrick Chardronnet's Eve by day : http://www.discogs.com/release/502847 !

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