Having producers like Marc Houle, Troy Pierce, Loco Dice, Konrad Black, Magda or Heartthrob and John Gaiser (for me one of the best promisses in this kind of music) working together in the same compilation could only happen in m_nus records; This cd presents the best that is done at the time in minimal tech productions, combining strong and known names with new upcomers like Jpls and Tractile. Niederflur aka Misc present here a different kind of project; Insasiable rythms, blastering paths, storys to be listened are the ingredients to this album ... I think all this guys are in great shape, or in other words, they can't be bad, all their work is done with the head, giving us always the best. A word to troy pierce - grvl, my favourite track of this massive compilation and other to marc houle always with his hallucinating and disturbing minimalism! A great cd full of great producers, the 40th release on m_nus

1 Heartthrob - Baby kate

2 Gaiser - Scatter
3 Magda - Staring Contest
4 Konrad Black - Gink Gank Gonk
5 Troy Pierce - Grvl
6 Wink - Have to go back (non vox version)
7 Marc Houle - Simpler
8 Niederflur - Z.b.
9 Tractile - Unquenchable
10 Berg Nixon - Victoria Station
11 Jpls - Twilite 7
12 Loco Dice - Orchidee

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nalduh said...

post #1..
Maninho.. sempre com bom gosto!! tender.. na cabiner!! HUG!

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