Maxime Dangles - Speicher 59

The Kompakt Extra editions are back this time with Maxime Dangles leading the boat! This young French producer that my friend Canadas likes so much has made an incredible job on this production. Tulipa fills the A Side with a monster minimal tech track based on deep long bass and a powerfull minimal tech rythm. One of the best tracks i heard in a long time, what a furious performance. I confess that i'm not a big enthusiast of this Kompakt series but this one transcends whatever i may think of it! In the B side we have "Firewire" and, in musical terms, it doesn't stay behind the other track... in fact this one is even a darker and harder one floating through the roughest patterns of minimal techno. A nice one to 4A.M when you want go rise up the moods and spirit of the power people. A music to take part of every Dj's chart! wow!

a1 - Tulipa
b1 - Firewire

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josh said...

hi man, love your blog! Maxime Dangles is Fabulous


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