Paul Kalkbrenner - Berlin Calling Vol.1

Berlin Calling is undoubtedly part of the film highlights of 2009. Hannes Stöhr’s fictitious drama based around the up-and-coming Berlin musician and Toxicomaniac Ickarus skillfully distances itself from ‘hip’ biopics and instead offers one hundred percent of authenticity and classic storytelling. What is surprising is the ease and the speed with which the dramatic – and even in parts tragic – story is presented. This balance act succeeds not only with images, but also with Paul Kalkbrenner’s congenial soundtrack accomplishes that feat effortlessly. Finally, after the “hymn” Sky and Sand, comes the second release as a 12” EP. Thematically, the title song is closely related to Sky and Sand, and the three tracks form an absolutely harmonious trilogy, not only perfectly transporting the film’s atmosphere, but actually generating it on their own. Even if you don’t know the images, you will soon get the impression of a subliminal, compulsively seething energy – and at the same time that of devouring emptiness, cycling faster and faster around aimlessness.

a1 - Square 1
b1 - Aaron
b2 – Azure

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Minimaland Feedback: After almost one year, it’s a pleasure to get back to “Berlin Calling” steps again… the Cd really marked us and, in Vol.1 vinyl, we’ll all get the chance to buy some of the most gentle soft tracks that have been made during electronic musical history. We are trully appreciators of this producer’s work and we will always be waiting for his next move… for now lets way for Vol.2 because this is a perfect first!

Rls Date: 03.08.2009

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