Hrdvision - The Mohana

Wagon Repair’s first release past the 50 benchmark offers a look at long time partner Hrdvsion’s latest works of chopped melody and effervescent invention. Opener ‘The Mohana’ explores a central chord progression with intermittent squeaked melodic static, reverberant pad echoes and crisp swinging percussion. A pragmatic animal, dueling hook lines dance, transform and compete for attention between pounded kick and hat in one of Hrdvsion’s most floor ready tracks to date. B side ‘ Sliding Into Air (Edit)’ takes matters ten clicks deeper as soaked pads loom forebodingly over lively harmonic sparks. An exercise in volume and dynamics, melodic holes are punched through a compressed mix, their impact adding profound rhythm to the already infectious percussive motor. Epic and uncompromising, ‘Sliding Into Air’ is a violently graphic alternative to its meeker techno cousins. ‘Sliding Into Air (Live)’ , which will only be available in digital format, offers a different shade to its aggressive original, with melodic and percussive variations adding definition to the tracks monolithic pads and mix meddling dynamics.

Minimaland Feedback: After their 50th smashing release, Wagon Repair continues to surprise us, this time with Hrdvsion on the decks. Tech pumpy minimal to make the dancefloors go mad! Full support to “The Mohana”

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a1 - The Mohana
b1 - Sliding Into Air
Digital Only – Sliding Into Air (Live mix)

Rls Date: 22.06.2009

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