Mathew Jonson - Walking On The Hands That Follow Me

To celebrate Wagon Repair’s 50th record our favorite Canadians are releasing a special colour vinyl of label head Mathew Jonson’s latest work. Fresh in the aftermath of new summer baked Cobblestone Jazz material, Mathew’s refined combination of unearthly melodic twists and floor friendly percussion is back, offering a darker and deeply personal perspective to his unparalleled output. Opener ‘Walking On The Hands That Follow Me’ stalks with foot stepped bass and rapid fire hat as subtle wisps of melody approach from afar. Deep and nightmarish, a staccato affected confessional vocal pierces the mix as a chilling pad blows an icy wind to make your hair stand on end. Ever cinematic, this vertigo inducing composition is among Mat’s most seductive and eerie. On the flip, ‘When Loves Feels Like Crying’ tugs with crisp melodic sentiment to a calm percussive motion. Rich yet fragile, harmonic fragments granulate from the central hook, dripping resonant as punched bass tones offer glimpses of movement and energy beneath the cascading surface form.

Minimaland Feedback: Gathering Mathew Jonson and Wagon Repair could only be awesome! This release is all about perfection and feeling. A side made to trip, B side to fall in love (or out of it), to cry, to think, to want… I know this track for a long long time, from a few Jonson’s set and i just can’t stop listening it. Must buy Ep!

A - Walking on the Hands That Follow Me
B - When Love Feels Like Crying

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Release Date: 08.06.2009

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