Extrawelt - Deine Beine

Extrawelt (Arne Schaffhausen and Wayan Raabe) are undoubtedly one of best things I’ve listened my entire life! Their past influences based on Progressive Trance can be the cause, as I too, enjoyed some of those moments where they were known as Midimilz. Still, their sound is clearly different from the average, charging it with tremendous emotions and a respectable knowledge on what concerns to music production – the best example of this fact is their album (Schone Newe Extrawelt) that was posted here during October where they’ve shown all their skills. Now they are back, this time on Traum to deliver an inspirating Ep. The first track of “Deine Beine” is the one that marked me the most… “Mit Liese Auf Der Wiese” transmits such an incredible feeling that It’s difficult to explain, a smooth beat followed by melancholic chords that keep growing and growing making you wonder how beautiful and penetrating this style of music can be. After this one comes “Clap’s Cally” with it’s hypnotic chords, 4by4 rhythm and low synths… a great tool to be spread during night. “Was Ubrig Bleibt” finishes the Ep in great harmony and a sense of enjoyability and kindness floating around deep dub patterns.
Definitely, one of the best works I’ve listened the entire year…

a1 -Mit Liese Auf Der Wiese
b1 - Clap’s Cally
b2 – Was Ubrig Bleibt

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Traum V113
Rls Date: 02.07.2009

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