Hugo - Stel and Stan

Tuning Spork is clearly becoming one of my favorite labels, their have been doing a great work this year and today I present to you their latest Ep. The original “Stel and Atan” was first released back in 2007 and now, after two years, label founder Jay Haze felt it was time to do the proper revisit of this sort of neglected bomb! So, both Haze and Hugo produced two new versions of the track. The A side is the “S Ivory Pleated Pants Remix”, by Hugo, a funky deep minimal house tune with a great bass line and a hot groovy rhythm that will leave the dancefloor swaying under the moonlight. Next comes Haze with his “S Iridescent Spandex Remix) bringing the track to a deeper level turning this monster into a minimal tech turn on! The rhythm is near to perfection along with the bass variations.. After his great mix for Fabric, Hazy continues to surprise us, we really support his work and we honestly think that his productions keep getting better.. this is a track to be appreciated by… appreciators! Hugo and Haze showing the people what minimal grooves are all about.

a1 - Stel And Atan (S Ivory Pleated Pants remix)
b1 - Stel And Atan (S Iridescent Spandex remix)

Rls Date: 26.06.2009

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