Deadbeat - Take Me Back To London Town

With a quite suggestive name Deadbeat is my choice for today. This guy is based at Montreal, Canada and has a huge background behind him. I'd already liked his previous work at Wagon Repair "Eastward on to Mecca" and this new release definitely expresses all of his geniality and skills among the minimal world. The Ep starts with the groovy "Heathrow Express", a pumpy track with a great flow. A few acid elements, Detroit neurotic style, and here we go to another dancefloor success. After a few hearings of this one you will understand all its potential. "Bubble and Squeak" presents another style of music, traveling to a more exquisite world. I would say that this would be a turn on to guys like Luciano or Villa because it has all the requirements they normally input in their charts. A great minimal journey able to eat your brains up. Finally "The Heckler" finalizes this tremendous work going back to a groovy rhythm reminding the old school flavors that I appreciate a lot. A nice track for a sunny Saturday afternoon. Released by Cynosure. Be aware for his next work, this time on Cadenza Records.

a1 - Heathrow Express
b1 - Bubble and Squeak
b2 - The Heckler

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