Dole & Kom - Egg

Hello! It's sort of vacations time and i finally got time to spend here with you! My first choice of this summer season is Dole & Kom. This 2 Berlin guys normally produce stuff that i appreciate and this is not an exception. The first music of this digital release is "Egg" - my favorite - a strong music filled by a rude strong bassline and some twisted acid tools ready to mess your head up! The beat is purely amazing and the development of the music gets you attached to it till the end! The second music is "ND" and it's also a pretty good one... it doesn't have that exquisite minimal taste of the first but it transmits that feeling of old school classic Berlin themes. Released on the 19th of June by Piemont Records Digital. Dole and Kom are two more guys to pay attention, so listen there style and see if you like it. Main Key: "Egg"!

1 - Egg
2 - ND

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