Dandi & Ugo - Hot Teacher

Dandi & Ugo are two Italian guys that have been producing for quite a few years and i've been following their work with great expectations. "Hot Teacher" is released today and I can say that it's one of their best works. Released in Immigrant Digital, this Ep is composed with three digital tracks made by them and two interesting remixes, one from the Japanese guy Ryoh Mitomi and the other by the Serbian Vladimir Acic who made a powerfull dark re-work. So, the three original from Dandi & Ugo are simply awesome, great minimal feeling with seductive constructions that will turn out fine in the dancefloors. "Riplik" might be my favorite - it's very hard to tell because they are all so good - with an incredible groovy rhythm, nice steps and . One word also to "Glandibus" a step by step minimal techno turn on! Perfect! Already supported by guys like Florian Meindl, Simon Baker and Bloody Mary. For your own good don't miss this one, it's just the kind of music that we like here in mnmland.

1 - Hot Teacher
2 - Riplik
3 - Glandibus
4 - Hot Teacher (Ryoh Mitomi rmx)
5 - Hot Teacher (Vladimir Acic)

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Ze Frenchy :p said...

Riplik Is So Awesome !

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