Mountain People - Mountain 007

The label/artist Mountain People might be unknown to some of you, but the ones that already know this project also have the sense that their music is characterized by deep grooves and long house splendor. Once someone asked “How deep is too deep?”… and that is really the question that you should be asking when you get to listen Mountain People 007. This release has got two minimalist deep house tracks that might not get into you at the first try, but if you listen it carefully you’ll see that this really has got lots of potential. On “Mountain 007.1″ you’ll have a slow pace demonstration of the finest deep mnml there can be able to lead you to such hypnotic states that your mind will stop thinking for a few seconds while you’re listening this beautiful fable. 007.2 climbs over the mountain with some refined percussion, genius bass and recycled lines. It’s the most solid tune of both, a growing jam that can only be produced by the best. I really would like to know who’s behind this project… If you like it deep simple cuts, exquisite production and classic beats you’ll definitely like this. This is music that work nicely for Djs who like to combine minimal and nudeep house in their sets. Get to know Mountain People!

a1 - Mountain 007.1
b1 - Mountain 007.2

Rls Date: 03.03.2007

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