Minilogue - My Teenager Gang

Marcus Henriksson & Sebastian Mullaert got back to Mule Musiq to produce another dub minimal hit! After “Animals” we may think that they would slow down on production but that’s not what happened. In fact their first release of 2009 brings more from the same: strong drums, deep basslines and some neurotic keyboard effects gathered with carefully chosen samples. In the A side you will listen “My Teenager Gang”, a dubby track, charged with lot’s of bass and some tribal elements: some birds singing, conga rhythms and some great world music chants leading you to the impression that you’re on a music safary around Africa. They all combine perfectly in the whole 10 minutes of this great production, it’s really a master exotic techno dub cut. On the flip “Hundraelva” bets on other kind of roots where synths make the difference. This one reminds me a lot “Hitchhiker’s Choice” or some Cadenza productions, jazzy tones are everywhere getting along with some hypno plastic surfaces ready to terr u apart!
This two tracks are some of the reasons of why i love Minilogue. They are able to do such different things always with pure quality. Their background on Progressive Psychedelic Trance must have helped them to create such different and good environments. If you like pure music don’t miss this Ep.

a1 - My Teenager Gang
b1 - Hundraelva

Rls Date: 16.02.2009

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