Kolombo - Sniff Ep

Kolombo is a producer well known among the mnmland. We have been covering some of his best releases and in this year he already released two Eps, one on Bluffin Records (Tweedle Dee) and the other on Turbo Records, a Montreal based record label that started out in March of 1998 as a partnership between two friends and DJs, Mark Dillon and Tiga.. old school! While “Tweedle Dee” is a mysterious confusion of weird sounds (not exactly a master piece), “Sniff Ep” is a classic release marked by delicious minimalist constructions and really progressive rhythms. A1 track is a really progressive blow tune marked by a sample recall us to some illicit happenings. It’s very well constructed and will have a certain success in the dancefloors. “Pique Nique” in the B side is the most strong track in the Ep and the real reason of why I’m posting this here. This one has an awesome trippy sub bass groove that is able to eat your mind up. The crispped synths are also delightfull and the all elements seem to combine perfectly, a real brain teaser. Release nrÂș 61 on Tiga’s Turbo Records. Snifffff

a1 - Sniff
b1 - Pique Nique

Rls Date: 11.02.2009

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DerekO said...

esta cancion es ta fenomenal !!!!!!!


puro minimal !!!!!!

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