Nick Höppner - Makeover / Foundling

Nick Höppner, influent part in My My trio, releases this solo “Makeover/Foundling” after the last “Who Needs Action” on berghain, now on another division, Ostgut Tontraeger, the visible echoed part. Ostgut was considered one of the best (and the best by a few) labels of the year, so these two names simply seemed to make a great bond.
Needle down on the vinyl, appears “Makeover”, a stripped down, detailed track more sided to the static rythm and some additional increases on the melody to a introspective progressive construction. Fliping back, on the b side, Foundling takes the control into a more ethereal vibe, as it transmits a great sense of order and detail. Will not put your emotion or thrill up on the peak, however, as listened carefully, denotes great quality, reminding us of older times and good memories with a fresh sense. Ostgut starting, since the last ep on february, to appear again this new year betting on stability and quality. (written by Flow)

Release Date:23/03/2009 | Cat: OSTGUTTON#21

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