Touane - Salty Peanuts

“It may sound like a cliché, but for once it’s true: in a scene scattered with soundalike artists,Touane sounds like no other. On his many records for Persona, Dumb-Unit, liebe*detail, MiniSketch and Resopal, the Italian producer has continually challenged assumptions about “club music,” turning out rich, surprising tunes that sacrifice neither intellect nor emotion in their pursuit of the groove—making him a perfect fit for Berlin’s Lan Muzic, of course.
Touane’s last release for the label was 2007’s Eiertanz EP; now he returns with two strong new tracks rounded out by a quietly bonkers remix by Lan’s resident mad scientist, Jacopo Carreras. Dark, dirty and mischievous, “Salty Peanuts” finds Touane in full-throttle mode, propelled forward by a deep, muscular bass line and dry, scratchy percussion that vibrates like sandpaper against hardwood. For all its restraint, there’s no forgetting the funk, and as the track builds, adding layer after layer of muted percussion and coolly jewel-toned synthesizers, the track only becomes more urgent and irresistible.
“BBQ” slinks into earshot as if it had a guilty conscience, with churning bass cloaked in shadow and oblique percussion providing cover. But like a blush comes to the cheeks, the track gradually emerges into the light, as bright synthesizer lines build in intensity and the drums start throwing sparks; its long, extended climax is an unexpected fusion of dub techno, percussive house and deepest space disco, and it slays.
Jacopo Carreras’ remix of “Salty Peanuts” is, if anything, even saltier than the original. Staying true to its sense of funk, he leans into the bass, sharpens up the hi-hats and adds a delirious little acid burble, with jittery digital edits crushing beats to bone dust and a gelatinous mass of bass and keys bubbling up and splashing all over the rhythm’s clean lines. It’s one of the most focused things Carreras has done yet, and a guaranteed after-hours secret weapon.”
Minimaland Feedback: Amazing BBQ, Lan Muzik equals Quality

1. Touane - Salty Peanuts
2. Touane - Salty Peanuts (Jacopo Carreras remix)
3. Touane - BBQ

Release Date: 20.04.2009

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