Moonbeam - When Tears Are Dropping From the Sky

The Russian duo Moonbeam composed by Pavel Khvaleyev and Vitaliy Khvaleyev are back to Traum, after almost a year to release a quite good Ep. Their sounds are quite unmistakable and are marked by some progressive beats always going under outstanding basslines while a few melodies float on the air. And this is, again, what they came to show at Traum Schallplatten. The first tune “When Tears Are Dropping From The Sky” is the most proggy one, reminding me some psychedelic tunes that I listened a few years ago… this really is a track for all of you to close your eyes and feel it… i bet this will gain an extra dimension on open air partys. Next comes “Chirpy” engaging into a more disturbed path, more suitable to minimal techno horizons. It’s another monster one already charted by many Traum djs and my favorite of the Ep. To finalize this terrific work comes “Otaria Ursina” with some gentle melodies to be appreciated in a sunny morning party. Traum releases usually are above the average and this one proves it.

a1 - When Tears Are Dropping From The Sky
b1 - Chirpy
b2 - Otaria Ursina

Rls DatE: 05.04.2009

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