Reboot - Ronson Ep

Frank Heinrich aka Reboot is a producer that Minimaland has never mentioned till this date. Despite that fact he is one of the most promissing producers in the tech house scene having previously released some Ep’s on famous labels like Cadenza Records and now, for the second time, he shows up on Cocoon Recordings new edition to deliver a brilliant piece of genuine dance music. This limited edition starts, in the A side, with “Mirasierra”, a long length track that is being charted by Luciano, Nick Curly and many others. I really like this one, it’s a great construction that goes around mnml tech tribal rhythms. In the B side appears “Ronson” with more powerful roots among a step by step pattern, a massive techno beat and a huge bassline… this is something to order the dancefloors to go mad, it’s the most valid tool of the Ep and the most valid reason of this post. A Blue limited edition that all music appreciators should have in their collections

a1 - Mirasierra
b1 - Ronson

samples here

Rls Date: 01.04.2009

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