Douglas Greed - Beuys Don’t Cry

Freude At Tanzem is certainly one of the greatest labels of all time in the kind of music that minimaland usually supports. They still release almost every thing produced by Wighnomy Brothers and also artists like Marek Hemmann, Mathias Kaden, Kadebostan and Douglas Greed. This last producer just released his new Ep called “Beuys Don’t Cry” and, on FAT’s first appearance during 2009, Douglas came out with a brilliant performance. In his new 12″ he presents 4 tracks full of quality and passion. “If this…” is the first one and starts with a rather pumpy groove transmitting a danceable vibe. The percussive elements are some of the best you may listen nowadays, tech housy feelings all over the place. The 2nd track is the “Chessbet” appealing more to melodic moments, with some acid patterns that will turn your brain completely messed up. The feeling on this one is huge and you’ll definitely feel the incredible vibe this piece or art transmits. “Animals Will Only Come To You If You Feel Them” turns the paths to darker and heavier roots, appealing to your deepest feelings in those kind of tracks that will make the dancefloors mad… this one is to enjoy at open spaces, to float around between a nocturnal melody and some amazing percussion that are present in this amazing groove. Feel it! “A Life Full of Handshakes” closes down the path, in a dark dubbed style.
Music lovers only

a1 - If This...
a2 - Chessbet
b1 - Animals Will Only Come To You If You Feed Them
b2 - A Life Full Of Handshakes

Rls Date: 16.03.2009

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