Miguel Toro - Ford

Today we present to you some Latin flavors brought by the Venezuelan musician Miguel Toro. I have to say that I didn’t knew this producer but once I listened his Ep “Ford” I fell in love with his music. Released by “Motivbank” the vinyl comes with two tracks, one of them edited by Hagia Sophia… so if you like it simple, groovy and full of quality you have to listen this stunning release. On the A-Side Toro brings us the most exquisite music from South America (full of those latin grooves that minimaland appreciate) along with a traditional 4by4 pumpy beat that we so much like. On the B-side his music gets different influences, becoming a smoother track but never loosing the minimal delicacies that Toro presented us in the other side. It’s definitely an Ep that you should all know released by a very promising label. The German Motivbank debuted with Reboot and now in their 5th release, they look as solid as ever. Let’s wait for their next one..

a1 - Ford
b1 - Raw Digits (Hagia Sophia Edit)

Rls Date: 30.03.2009

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