Tom Dazing - Motion Sickness

Tom Dazing is a producer that always makes me get groovy feelings when I listen his music. Despite it's his debut here in minimaland I can tell you that I've been following the man's work for a long time. His music always contains great rhythm wired to a magic neurotic mind that he surely possesses. In his second release on Toys For Boys Records he doesn't escape that rule and presents us two great tracks along with a remix of "Motion Sickness" performed by the American Tim Xavier. In the a side you can listen "Cappadoras", a powerful track, full of twisted feelings and a perfect bass line - my favourite. I would call this some kind of acid new techno waves, always pushing the reverbed sounds to the limit and then recycling it, making the track going back to the beginning, allowing another extra-run that drives everyone crazy. Mad! In the b side we have another disturbed production. "Motion Sickness" is completely neurotic, even more rougher and rawer than the first .. the amount of little different sounds that we have in this music it's maybe too much for a standard producer, but this guy make them all gather perfectly, combining all the elements to construct a tasty dark hallucinated track. Finally we have the remix of Tim Xavier. This old school producer that no one can be indifferent to show us all, once again all his knowledge. He turns the techno hardcore original track into a magnificent peace of minimal 4x4 techno, constructed step by step. It's in fact a great improvement, I became delighted when i listened this cause i realised that he didn't forget the raw feeling of the original... he just adapted it to the minimal standards that we all appreciate. Great work!

a1 -
b1 -
Motion Sickness (Tim Xavier remix)
b2 -
Motion Sickness

Rls Date: 25.08.2008


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