dj T live@lux

last saturday dj T (get physical music) simply burned up -LUX- at lisbon!creating a fantastic atmosphere with a minimal-electro-funky ( just like that: hard to define..) set that let everyone expecting his next visit to our country!a nice warm-up provided by rui vargas was the perfect start to what revealed to be a great night!
Thomas Koch - aka dj T - beginned to select some tracks that let everyone in a great mood and slowly started to amuse everyone (including himself) with great beats ; breaks and noisy acid effects..T sayed goodbye 3 times that night..the first one the aplause and madness of the crowd on the dancefloor didn´t let him go and "made" him play for more time and when he sayed goodbye for the second time the story repeated and more tracks made everyone fly...the sun was high and the ray of lights were filling the club when T finally left the booth and received the aplause of everyone who was still there (and we were many!!!) in the memory stays the image of dj T staring to the great view that -LUX- location provides over rio tejo..and an almoust certain "i will come back" written on his face..very soon..we hope..

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