Ricardo Villalobos - Ach so

12" -->> Minimal Tech House
Cadenza oo8

a1 - Ichso (11:58)
a2 - Duso (11:19)
b1 - Erso (12:48)
b2 - Sieso (13:44)

"Only Ricardo Villalobos terms a four-track fifty-minute mind-melt an EP. That last hypenation, though, is the key. No mere 12” is going to actually melt minds. Sear it, maybe. Opener “Ichso” comes close—placing a bassline and murky echo pattern underneath two competing flamenco guitar (?) lines. “Duso” takes the beat up for its length, and pushes the melody far below the surface, instead focusing on the infinite possibilities created by miniscule droplets of watery delay. “Erso” reminds of little else besides Autechre’s most recent excursions into complete abstraction while somehow maintaining an eye on the dance floor , while “Sieso” may be as close as he’s come to another “Dexter” since its release. Is there a more fascinatingly dense artist working in dance music today?" (in stylusmagazine.com)
I'm still not able to do ricardo's reviews... Lots of classic guitar, lots of hypnotic feelings, full lenth melodic tracks, progressive tunes, everything we are used to in his production!

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