Argy - Sub But Still Nutty

12" ---»» Techno, Minimal
raum...musik 051

a1 - Evaquate (6:34)
b1 - Stravoma (5:53)
b2 - A Rhino in a Glass Shop (5:56)

Argyris Theofilis (Argy) is a 20 year old greek producer; his second production is a smashing example of what minimal groovy techno is! After the great hit that was love dose, his first release, Sub But Still Nuty brings us disturbed arguments well linned up with a rythmatic beat always gathering a great bass line. Evaquate is the first track of the album, where the paranoia starts, the lines of music making start to develop and where you gain the feeling that this is not an ordinary album! Stravoma is a 6:00 Am track, pure minimal underground perfect to be part of tracklists of the best djs. A Rhino in a Glass Shop like the name shows is a complete disturbant track, following paths of producers like ricardo villalobos, luciano or plastikman with a dry bassy beat always developing till you start to flip out and imagine that the rhino is really in the glass shop. An overdosed release that you can't miss!

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