Hemman and Kaden - Vaganza EP

12" ---> Techno, Minimal, Tech house
Freude am Tanzen Recordings

-a - Vaganza
-b1 - Tramway
-b2 - People

This release from february of 2005 reflects how these artists (Marek Hemman & Mathias Kaden) complement their work in productions marked by the excelence patented in their final products and how a partnership can reveal new paths for the same ways. They're growing since the release from 2003, Guten Tag EP, showing a great attention to the details and always polishing those teeny imperfections, that shows the concern in doing better developments release after release.
Speeking for myself, this Ep is the conclusion of a work and hopefully with more to come tracking the same path..
Vaganza starts calm, peaceful, making subtile variations and always adding good vibes that complement the line that is beeing followed by bass. haves great unexpected changes, without strain much the rope, and this is a thing that some producers don't pay attention, because if you give a lot of variations they're gonna, sooner or later, to finish for spending the music and limitate the evolution that it could achieve.
It's delightfull listen this music day by day having the surprise of keeping your mind and senses connected/disconnected to it..

A great listening!

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