Solab - Shift

12"--->Electronic, Minimal
Seventh Sign Recordings (under construction)

Released: November 2005

a1 - shift (sample here)
a2 - shift (alex smoke rmx) (sample here)
b1 - clocks
(sample here)
b2 - time
(sample here)
Solab is the new project of these two guys from Glasgow (Ross McMillan and Graham Wilson). Having a long term love affair with Detroit techno and having a healthy music scene with a new and fresh partnership, comes one release doing a source of difference that at the same time gains his roots on the smooth classic techno influenced by Basic Channel.
Its a record plenty of details that spices up the seething patterns. Smooth machine beats that will definitely heat up a dancefloor under an groovy atack and needing some peace to transmit the more emotional sounds that evolves for an misterious music if as following a secret plan.
A word for the remix of alex smoke-Great! Alex Smoke is here on remix duties and turns the main track ''Shift'' into a rolling minimal techno monster! Nicelly rattling, but still twinkle-toed groove, just great for a cultivated rampage on the frequency spectrum..
and... It's unknowed... (maybe a landing of parachute in the minimal land) ;->

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