Ricardo Villalobos - Sei es Drum

Latest production of Mr Ricardo Villalobos. It's always hard to judge the man's work. This 3#pack vynil might be a peace of art to ones and a terrible release for others. I think it's his best work since "The Au Harem D'Archim├ęde"... this "Sei es Drum" is a solid one! "Andruic" is a typical Villalobos kind of production; "Fizpatrick" is the best one of the album, i can't get enough of it, and musics like "Druic" - solid bass involved in a seductive construction does it - or even "Primer Encuentro Latino-Americano" with more than 10 minutes each are able to keep your focused and in great joy. . "Samasai" is strangely nice but "Bailla Sin Petit" has nothing to do with the rest... It might have been one more experience for him, completely failed! It ends with "Farenzer House" and has the name would suggest, this music has a simple housy beat, but an enjoyable construction. With some tracks previously released in his Fabric#36 edition, this is surely another bookmark for this guy. So... count on typical low synths, long journey musics, groovy minimal just going and going but don't expect pumpy tech minimal because that's not the way things work in this 3x12"! Produced and released by his own hands, limited edition, one of a kind.

a1 - Andruic
b1 - Fizpatrick
c1 - Primer Encontro Latino-Americano
d1 - Druic
e1 - Samasai
f1 - Baila Sin Petit
f2 - Farenzer House

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