Anthony Collins - Cannibal

Anthony Collins is, in our days, one of the biggest upcoming producers of the French scene. Cannibale brings up the best there can be in minimal deep music. Released by Highgrade Records this Ep shows how trendy music can be... Suitable to all styles. The a side track is a neurotic deep modern tune very shaky and perfect to all kinds of dancefloors. The remix, by Tom Clark and Daniel Dreier lows the level down, not hitting so hard on the drums, making it less deep and more minimal. A pure Berlin work, as the experts would say. BlaBlaBla, the b side track, is also a very pleasant one. A great journey of endless feelings with a pure minimal bass line getting along. Simple and perfect. I've appreciated this one a lot... 3 great tracks to this rainy days! Enjoy it, the Cannibale's are out there!

a1 - Cannibale
a2 - Cannibale (Tom Clark & Daniel Dreier remix)
b1 - BlaBlaBla

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