Adultnapper - Juror Nr 9

Juror Nr 9 is the last release of Adultnapper. Minimal rude techno is what to expect here, seductive music that enters trough your soul and doesn't come out no more. The huge flute present in the a1 track brings us multiple neurotic feelings that appears to not have an end, wow! "Brandy McLeod" is another great one. My favorite I must say, cause it has that kind of construction that i'm always talking about... recycled music, beginning in a simple beat and than just keep rising and rising. A small but perfect music! The Last music of the Ep is Gaiser's remix for Juror Nr.9, a strong one, typical from him... quality music because this Minus guy doesn't know how to make bad music. Perfect way to end this three track album. The Juror might consider them all Guilty! Release nr 26 on Audiomatique, the best they had in a long time.

a1 - Juror Nr.9
b1 - Brandy Mcleod
b2 - Juror Nr.9 (Gaiser's Found Guilty remix)

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