Pele & Townston - Requiem For Three Cellos

Pele and Townston are two unknown names till this days. Maybe this release will punch this two German producers to success, they sure deserve it! This Ep was totally produced to fulfill the dancefloor needs with two nice club tracks very groovy and very funky! "The Who" has a strong cool rhythm able to pass you great positive energies. This is a track to dance, to jump, to smile, never forgetting the rough minimal attitude always present in our blog! "Requiem For Three Cellos" in the b side gets more darker and less funkier making it a music that we usually like around here. Build step by step, it drives you through a strong beat and very nice synths till it gains sense... and when it does it just doesn't stop! This music goes getting better and better each seconds it passes, the bassline is insane and the dark vibes are built perfectly... it's surelly a music to be in the charts of many Dj's. A last advice, listen this more than once, cause everytime you listen it you get more enjoyable feelings. If you buy the digital version you'll get a bonus track called "Beside Myself", it's not as good as the others but, as always, it's worth to be listened.

a1 - The Who
b1 - Requiem For Three Cellos

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