Remote - Hardstick Ep

Already Signed to Yvan Smagghe's label - Kill the Dj Recordings - Remote are one of the most skilled producers in France. I came to this conclusion when i listened "Hardstick Ep". It's one of the nicest things that passed around here in this month. A very stylish electro stuff never forgetting the minimal part. This ep is filled by 3 nice tracks made to all kinds of taste. The first one - "Hardstick - goes darker and deeper with a powerfull beat in an intensive and trippy environment and clearly is the one who most adapts to our blog's requirements concerned to music. You will love it madly! Ghost, second of the a-side forgets the techy stuff and clearly goes through acid patterns leaving you a small taste of what Detroit acid scene was all about. It's nice to the early hours of the night! Finally the "La Horse remix" was made to be played by guys like Tiga, Damian Lazarus and that kind of reputed Djs. It's a curious and somehow different Ep, take a look of the best that French production has to offer.

a1 - Hardstick
a2 - Ghost
b2 - Hardstick (La Horse remix)

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