Truss & Donor - Perception Ep

Today's choice is calmer than the normal stuff i post here. Truss & Donor are respectively Tom Russel - a British guy making his 2nd release - and Greg Schappert - American producer that has been living in all the great towns of this musical movement - and made a very good first impression with this great Ep released on Dumb-Unit (their first of 2008). "Foreseen" opens the hosts in a great way with it's dry beat and a few acid elements here and there marking what might be the best music of the all Ep. Don't expect hard things here, this is the most pure deep minimal that can be made, that normally Dumb-Unit uses to support. In the B-Side you have the remix by Sarah Goldfarb of "Foreseen" making it even deeper adapting it to be a master track in the dancefloors. The subtleness of the original was not forgotten by Sarah and she made, in fact, a real good job keeping the feeling of the original in it but making it more trendy. About the rest of the Ep all that i can say to you is that both tracks keep it with very low synths and always with nice variances of beat and snares. "Forethought" is those kinds of step by step productions very well accomplished and "Unseen" is another deep piece of music, very good beat, nice bassline and always with an excellent selection of sounds that fit perfectly in the music. Nice one!

a1 - Foreseen
a2 - Forethought
b1 - Foreseen (Sarah Goldfarb remix)
b2 - Unseen

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