Joseph Capriati - Farlocco Ep

Joseph Capriati is a 20 year old producer based in Italy. I was very surprised when i realized he was so young, he's music is very mature and powerful and i never could guess that he is only in the beginning of the career. Anyway, his latest work was released on Frankie records. For the people that don't know this label i will tell you that they normally bet on wicked and productions with some neurotic and disturbed grooves. And this is what the Ep is all about..."Farlocco", the first track of the ep might the best one, that suits to our kind of preference. "Highest tower" and "Para Scaramantia" are two shaky musics and completely adapted to the labels stuff. Both are suitable to be thrown to the dancefloors in the early hours of the night . So, i alert you, this is not a bomb Ep but it's a quite listenable release and this way I got a chance to present you with another nice release of Frankie's French label.

a1 - Farlocco
a2 - Highest Tower
b1 - Scaramantia
b2 - Cyprinus Carpio

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