Cio D'or - Kimono

Cio D'or start producing in 2004, her debut album "Hokuspokus" on Treibstoff was rapidly into the charts. Since than, karmarouge was on of the labels that tooked her in and she launched a great success - with Gabriel Ananda - called "Lauschgoldengel". Now she is back with "Kimono" making her debut at Motoguzzi Records with three great tracks marked by deep patterned techno. Abstract music, dark and heavy beat, slow but genious growth during the music. At the first sight it might appear too minimalist, but if you listen it loud you'll see the great minimal techno that this album has. "Kimono" sounds like minus works, very hypnotic, great bass line guided by deep grooves. A work of art, in my humble opinion. Than you have "Fata Morgana" presenting the same minimal style, a bit more techno, not so pure as the 1st one. "Psst!" might be, for the most of you, the best track of the Ep. The resonant bass line along with a great percussion its evil stuff. Than, in the middle it appears a new bass line, more intense, saturated, with a stronger filter, just perfect... a deep dark techno bomb, just going and going 'till it takes you down! All the three tracks are very good, perfect to the dancefloors. The best release i heard this last 2 weeks :) ...enjoy

a1 - Kimono
b1 - Fata Morgana
b2 - Psst!

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