Exercise One - Intensity

It was being difficult to arrange an Exercise One release that I'd like... Despite being one of my favorite artists their last releases weren't that good... but this time, at mobilee records, Marco Freivogel & Ingo Gansera created a fantastic Ep. "Intensity", a side track, has all the condiments to be perfect at the dancefloors.. It has a minimal start and than it goes evolving to minimal techno standards. The rhythm is constructed with a powerful bass line presented in a spectacular beat... on and on 'till the end! Far from any doubt's... the best music i heard from this guys in a long time. In the b side the Berlin duo developed a deeper track, not as groovy as the other, but still.. a good and nice track. "Ceremony" might not attract you in the first times but, in the end, you will notice that this is a good hypnotic minimal puncher! Nice acid melody after 3.44minutes and than the Ceremony begins... wow! This one had to be released by Mobilee Records, one of the greatest labels of our times.


a1 - Intensity
b1 - Ceremony

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