Luciano Pizzella - Pavlov Said

In this last few times I've been addicted to two Eps... one was already posted (Lee Jones - Aria) and it's time to show you the second one. Luciano Pizzella is the responsable for this great work. "Pavlov Said" makes me remember the better days.. the feeling it carries, the emotion it brings, it will all enhance your mood and spirit. Despite my great friend Francis doesn't like it, all i can say is that this one will inspire the most of you. It's a deep, deep music with a perfect construction charged by a great melody... The remix made by Daso will fulfill all the dancefloor needs, it has a 180ยบ change, but it's also very good. The melody has only small appearances, before and after it's all hard and rough! The original music is the reason of this post. Like once Pavlov defended, the typical procedure for inducing classical conditioning involves presentations of a neutral stimulus along with a stimulus of some significance, in this case the neutral stimulus would be the beat and construction and the significant one would be the melody. This Ep will condition your deepest thoughts! Music directed to the soul! Pavlov said and will continue to say! Released by Dogtown Belgium...
tks niki :P

a1 - Pavlov Said...
b1 - Pavlov Said (Daso remix)


Ana said...

de nada x)

Anonymous said...

i agree with your friend Francis, i think the melody is to basic, and i dont like the sound of it, to cheesy for me.

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