Extrawelt - Dist Theme

Dist Theme, the long awaited Ep from Extrawelt is finally out! The first release with the German duo - Arne Schaffhausen & Wayan Raabe - at Kompass Musik couldn't be better. A-side music (my favorite) can trick us up, it starts with a 4x4 beat, completely dry, that goes on and on and you start to imagine they aren't going anywhere... but then the melody rises and the story gains another feeling, the mixture between different styles like progressive trance and minimal techno ends up in a brilliant music. I didn't like the 2nd music that much but it's also a fine production with a nice groove directed to early hours in the night! "Yeah But No But Yeah", the last one, is absolutely insane. This one evolves to minimal techno standards with a melancholic melody coming along with it. It's a bit disturbing, but very well produced. Anyway it's a very nice release by one of our favorite artists in a label that, until now, gave us only brilliant releases!

a1 - Dist Theme
b1 - No But Yeah But No
b2 - Yeah But No But Yeah

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Anonymous said...

It's great!

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