V.A. - Soniculture 008

"Our most special dynamic duo, representing the chicago-lisbon connection, lighted the fire, and worked on a new recipe. mix plenty of groove with sophisticated synth lines, throw in a touch of acid and some extra spices. Pump it all up and we are finally ready for the action. available soon at a dancefloor near you. A2 - dalessandro & expander - "pump kin pie", jason emsley remix (6'07") known for his hot releases on platzhirsch, jason emsley brings his own recepe that he learned, back in the old days, in la. The result is a nice home-made blend of techno that includes perfect drumsets, the right touch of acid, and of course, the secret ingredient that makes him so special.
B1 - thinkfreak - "my good bug" (7'21") this is the new floor burner from thinkfreak, who, again, surprises us with a groovy minimal track charged with maximal energy and a synth line that come in at exactly the right time to provide us with the perfect mood for madness. It's party time!"

Great work, from great dj`s, enjoy it...

A1.Dalessandro & Expander - Pump Kin Pie
A2.Dalessandro & Expander - Pump Kin Pie (Jason Emsley Remix)
B1.Thinkfreak - My Good Bug


francis canadas said...

good "tuga" work.

SortidO said...

;) pods krer...;)

hugo said...

O remix de jason emsley é mt bom! O thinkfreak tem noções mas precisa de treino! eheeh

SortidO said...

gostei do ep, e de facto precisa, mas quem me dera com a idade dele já produzir como ele :D

Parabéns amigo...continua assim ;)

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