Ricardo Villalobos - Enfants

I begin this post by deeply regreting the mistake i`ve done in the "Emil Lassaria" post. This happened, because i`ve made the post before the release. In addition, "Ricardo Villalobos" plays the music entitled "Copiii Lui Luciano". Therefore, i thought, as many others, that it was thist young producer to launch it. Yet, the real ep of "Ricardo Villalobos" only now was released, entitled "Enfants". Consequently, the one from "Emil Lassaria" is false and according to some official blogs this is not the first time that this young producer tries to copy and profit from the work of others.
Again, i deeply regret the mistake, and state the real ep from "Ricardo Villalobos"

A1. Enfants (Chants)
B1. Enfants (Tambours)

1 comment:

hugo said...

Enfants (Chants) is a great music! the voices of the kids fit perfectly!
17 minutes!!!!!!!

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