Greenbeam & Leon - Monochromatic

Today's release is dedicated to full power minimal techno. Greenbeam & Leon are two guys from Georgia (!) and if you are looking for meltdown night rhythms you have to listen this Ep. "Monochromatic" is the best produced track of the album. Rough beats, great bass line and traditional minimal constructions in a non stopping music. Be carefull when you listen it, you have to be with hunger for power... if your not, don't bother! "Weekend" continues with the fever rising up, another techno puncher. To ease up the things a little bit "Bullhead" ends the ep. It's a more calm music, with a nice deep beat able to remind you guys like Alex Under or Luca Baccheti. Very very good. In fact, this duo made an excellent pumpy album and i'm sure that you - like me - didn't knew them yet. Their previous release was on unfoundsound (netlabel of foundsound) so you can take a free pick at it and see how they developed since then. Released by Piso Record, available only in digital.

1 - Monochromatic
2 - Weekend
3 - Bullhead

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