Lee Jones - Aria

Lee Jones (member of My My) is a German producer, based in Berlin. This Ep might be his greatest work. Aria - a side track - is a deep feelings music charged with a strong melody and a nice minimal environment. Despite not being made directly to hit the dancefloors this music as all the possibilities of being mixed by the most genuine guys. I listen so many strange and different things but in the end it's the simplicity and good taste that moves me... this is the strongest example of subtleness. The Tiger Stripes remix is more powerful, with more boost. Nevertheless the melody remains as it was and the basic feelings are also there. So if you want to play this Ep on the decks you might choose this remix... it's as good as the first but with more intensity. You can see the quality of the remixer in this one. Why? Cause he remixed but he kept the main arguments there, so it's a perfect one! Released by Aus Music, it's already one of the Ep's of the year... Two great musics, choose your favorite and don't stop listening to it... see you all next week!

a1 - Aria
b1 - Aria (Tiger Stripes remix)

1 comment:

Anexado said...

Bom Ep.
hugo do houserr em grand.

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