Ellen Allien - Elphine (remixes)

Ellen Fratz is one of our favourite producers. She began her career in 1995 and since that date she didn't stop any more, always maintaining a pretty good level. All her major productions have been released on Bpitch Control and this is not an exception.
Elphine is one of the tracks that were most talked about concerning to Ellen Allien's last Album - Sool (Bpitch175) released last May. To celebrate all it's success the Bpitch Control guys decided to launch a 12" of it inviting Zander Vt, Troy Pierce and Louderbach to remix it.
So, in the A side you have the original track released last may and the remix of Zander Vt. For those who don't know the original I strongly recommend it! It's one of those tracks that can't get out of your head, very smooth, with pretty good vocals and an incredible deep soul. In Zander Vt's remix you get a higher rhythm, a stronger bass and the same feeling of the first. Fritz Zander and Sven Von Thülen are the duo behind the name and they didn't messed it up. The remix is quite enjoyable and perfect to the dancefloors. Pumpy! Next we have the American Troy Pierce! I don't need to introduce him to you, you all know his work... i hope! In this remix he doesn't let his reputation fail. When the track begins you immediately understand that this one is going trough another roads. The beat is huge, with a gigantic bass line and an acid rhythm that makes you wonder... how does he do it!? When you start to listen the Ellien's vocal in the back with all those trippy effects and strong neurotic lines you realise: this is what music should always be! Finally you have Louderbach's release, he takes Elphine to darker and calmer lines always with quality above the average...
After the remixes of "Mango", Bpitch presents us another great pack of remixes, this time of "Elphine".A Must Have!

a1 -
a2 -
Elphine (Zander Vt remix)
b1 -
Elphine (Troy's One Eyed JAK remix)

Rls Date: 18.08.2008


Anonymous said...

is there a reason why the clip are only 1:31
are they just samples of the tracks not the whole tracks

hugo said...

sure! We just want to show people some parts of the music!

We are not an ilegal mp3 blog!! Our objective is to review some good releases and spread music, recycling it! NEVER TO SHARE ILEGAL STUFF


samdrade said...

i luv her

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