Simone Tavazzi - Cloud

This is one of the Eps that couldn't be forgotten here in Minimaland. "Cloud" is one of the most talked releases of this month, it's success is tremendous! Simone Tavazzi aka Delysid 25 is an Italian producer trying to make his way to the top! This Ep is already supported by guys like Matt John, Xpansul, Mark Henning, Fabrizio Maurizi, Someone Else, Luciano Esse and Renato Figoli. The release comes with 3 superb tracks - the original and the remixes by Butane and Danilo Carboni.
In the A side you have a killer techno track - like this label seems to like - with a high rhythm, pretty good bass level and a strong groovy beat, unstoppable! So... expect a dancefloor turn on. This typical italian kind of production makes us all cry out for more. In the b side you have it, Butane remix presents us a minimal version of "Cloud", reminding us the typical deep constructions that we so much appreciate here in our blog - low synths, step-by-step construction and a tremendous bassline, perfect to be listened in a pleasant morning. Finally you have Danilo Carboni remix, a Kleptomaniac funky style, making an even more powerful interpretation of the original. When I saw this release i thought that this track was going to be the weakest link but I was totally wrong - this is such a great groove, perfect to be listened in the first ours of the night.
It's in fact an excellent Ep that you should have in your collection. Release number 5 on Renovatio Records, a record that is known by their support to emerging Italian producers.

a1 - Cloud
b1 - Cloud (Butane remix)
b2 - Cloud (Danilo Carboni Cleptomania remix)

Rls Date: 30.06.2008

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