Niederflur - Typo Ep

Niederflur (Christopher Bleckmann & Hannes Wenner duo), debuted on M_nus label, and only by itself these five simple words (MINUS) make music panorama crumble when a new Ep is arriving from their Headquarters. So, judging Niederflur’s debut on M_nus label it’s like judging angel’s sex. It’s a quality add-on fact. What to say about Niederflur - Typo EP? Well… It’s really hard to find an Ep that goes on all the spectrum of the techno/minimal-techno genre with this level of quality. Let’s put in dj language… you put this Ep in your bag and in every point of your set you have a mix for it, from the top to the bottom, from the hypnotic to the progressive, you choose! Reviewing, Typo is typical techno bassed with a trip appearing on the horizon that goes on and on till the end with the bass derivable to the harmony trip. Iso goes minimal tripy, details and confused/clean highs leading to some kind of trance. In all the musics the bass is always niederflur. What’s niederflur basses? Richie Hawtin called them “basslines from hell”! Led is my favourite one, a lot to the hypnotic drives. The bass is melted, reverbed and hypnotic, and the construction follows that path, in a very minimal reverbed bass hypnotic way. Amp (one of the digital releases), is a really good progressive one, ideal if you want to keep the stage, or start the top peek. Finally , Pvc (the other digital release), I’ll call it minimal electro techno. Fits electro sets, fits techno sets, and fits minimal sets needing some variation to a good side. Really great sound games with a electronic computerized sound creating a disabled addictive harmony. I’ll consider this a don’t miss Ep. Haves great quality, great grooves, great sample games, great variations… Doesn’t have a track that will be the one of the year, but for sure all these five tracks will be in the best sets of this year. It’s a great quality “all-terrain” Ep. 8/10

1 TYPO (7:19)
2 ISO (6:01)
3 LED (6:12)
4 AMP (5:39)

5 PVC (5:24)

Release date: 09/07/2008

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Nice !
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